NN Launch Attracts a Crowd

Posted by Peter Cochrane on June 7, 2003

NN Launch Attracts a Crowd
Norfolk Network enewsletter, 07-06-2003

The stage was set, and the presenters primed. On 29 May, the Norfolk Network went live, at the Forum in central Norwich. A capacity crowd heard Bev Hurley, the Network's CEO, open the proceedings and introduce Dr Bruce Butler, Head of Innovation at KPMG, and then Dr Peter Cochrane of Concept Labs, previously tech boss for BT. Dr Butler majored on the necessity for innovation to be in line with market needs. The tide is turning, he said, and spoke of a new awareness of partnering innovators with marketers, at the earliest stages of any product development. Peter Cochrane set out his rules for success in innovation, learnt through many years of working with technologists and businesses of all sizes worldwide. Entertaining the audience with real-life horror stories, he made a plea for embracing change and empowering staff, with the promise that such an attitude will create profits, growth, and fun. A lively Q and A session followed, and networking with Pimms on tap for all reflecting the summer weather.

Feed it back to the Network
Got a comment - or better still, an idea for future Norfolk Network events or support? Tell us what sort of Network you want and need. Whether it's a little observation, a specific business issue or a big project you've got in mind, then relay it to us. Use the email on the site to make your views known, or directly to editor@norfolknetwork.com . Together we can make a difference!

The First of Many
It's already time to register for the first 'Norfolk Network monthly meeting', on 19 June at the John Innes Centre. Colin Coulson-Thomas, an international authority on business competitiveness, and author of more than a dozen influential books on business success, reveals the critical success factors for obtaining and sustaining higher prices. Pricing ought to be a top priority for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as pricing decisions impact directly upon sales revenues and profitability. Colin's research with over 120 companies shows that there is a stark contrast in practice between 'Leader' companies who are most successful at using pricing to grow their market share and improve profitability, and the 'Laggards' who aren't. Find out how to make sure you are a Leader by signing up now - you can even try before you buy with our special offer . However, if you join right away before this great event, you'll not only be able to use all of the Norfolk Network resources, but also invite up to 5 people to attend this first meeting, a £100 value. Our advice: join now - it's less than £1.50 a week for a small company!

Web Site Up and Running
On 29 May, the placeholder Norfolk Network website was consigned to the e-bin, and our full-strength site booted up. We've already received very positive feedback from Shropshire to Southampton - visit www.norfolknetwork.com and let us have yours! The site is divided into several main sections, on News, Events, and Jobs. Each of these has a general front page, plus industry-specific sectors, such as Creative and Media, High Tech, Manufacturing and Science. The Resources section is already filling up with helpful advice, checklists, guides and contacts and will gradually become a complete knowledge base for its members.

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