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We Need Truth Engines

Peter Cochrane Computing 2 Jan 2019

Is AI Schrodinger’s Brain ?

ITP The Journal, v12, pt4, p40, 2018

Where does death come from?

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 19 Nov 2018

The Rise and Rise of Ignorance

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 17 October 2018

Has computing become too challenging for any one person to fully comprehend

Peter Cochrane Computing 26 Sept 2018

Does Life = Intelligence ?

Peter Cochrane Computing 2 Aug 2018

Why Industry 4.0 is essential

Peter Cochrane Computing 2 Aug 2018

Our Devices Know More Than We Think!

Peter Cochrane Club of Rome Journal Issue 207 July/Aug 2018 p 1

Smart Dreams of The Future

Peter Cochrane Pirelli World Issue 1/2018 pp 4-5

Why Industry 4.0 is essential

Peter Cochrane Computing 23 July 2018

Is AI Schrödinger's brain?

Peter Cochrane, Computing 22 June 2018

The Sociology of Things

Peter Cochrane UoS Ipswich UK 20 Feb 2018

Truth Decay and Truth Engines

Peter Cochrane UoS Ipswich UK 7 June 2018

NGA Convergence

Peter Cochrane, ITP Journal, v12/ 2 June 2018

The Wonder of Technology

Peter Cochrane Pirelli World Issue 2/17 25 pp 4-5

Our Devices Know More About Us Than we Think

Peter Cochrane Computing 25 May 2018

The internet needs controls like a duck needs flippers

Peter Cochrane Computing 30 April 2018

The AI Sanity Check

Peter Cochrane Network Computing 30 March 2018

FTTP and the 5G Fiasco

Peter Cochrane Computing 6 Feb 2018 Peter Cochrane Computing 6 Feb 2018

US Shoots Itself in The Head over Net Neutrality

Peter Cochrane, Computing 3 Jan 20118

US will ‘shoot itself in the head and the foot’ over lifting of net neutrality

Peter Cochrane Computing 3 Jan 2018

Tech Familiarity Breeds Consent?

Peter Cochrane Computing 6 Dec 2017

Man Machine Symbiosis

Peter Cochrane, ITP Journal Vol 4/11 p41 Oct/Dec 2017

Mainstream users cannot protect their IT - what can vendors do about it?

Peter Cochrane, Computing 20 November 2017

Don't try to understand - just remember it

Peter Cochrane Computing 17 Oct 2017

AI is mightier than the sword

Peter Cochrane Computing 4 Oct 2017

So, Elon Musk wants to ban AI from military weapons? No chance

Peter Cochrane Computing 5 Sept 2017

The ‘war of the wireless antennas' won't be won without a fundamental rethink

Computing 1 Aug 2017

Pattern Matching: Strengths and weaknesses of habit

Peter Cochrane Computing 5 July 2017

WannaCry? I wanna understand what’s going on!

Computing 14 June 2017

Teaching Technology

Computing 8 June 2017

The road to password heaven or insecure hell?

Computing 31 May 2017

Disconnected thinking: Why are we managing optimised systems with dated human mindsets?

Computing 8 May 2017

Bandwidth limitations are throttling cloud - and the economy

Peter Cochrane Computing 26 Apr 2017

When will self aware AI develop its own instinct ?

Peter Cochrane, Computing 10 April 2017

BlockChain The Ultimate Ledger ?

Peter Cochrane ,ITP Journal V11/1 Jan/March 2017

Why can’t AI do more to help with information overload ?

Peter Cochrane, Computing 14 March 2017

How Little Brother took over from Big Brother

Peter Cochrane, Connected Roads March 2017

Google! Here’s how to achieve 'really intelligent search'

Peter Cochrane, Computing 28 Feb 2017

The Sociology of Things: What will self aware devices mean for us, and our data ?

Peter Cochrane Computing 13 Feb 2017

What is the REAL risk in cyber risk?

Peter Cochrane Computing 09 January 2017

Technology now has ears - but where is the sweet spot between useful interaction and 'uncanny valley'?

Peter Cochrane Computing 03 January 2017

Big Brother state, or Little Brother society: How healthy is our data-sharing culture?

Peter Cochrane Computing, 7 Dec 2016

The ‘1984 about-face’: Is our data sharing obsession progressive or dangerous?

Peter Cochrane V3 7 Dec 2016

Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement digital infrastructure plans need a serious rethink

Peter Cochrane Computing, 24 Nov 2016

The Truth Engine - how soon until the internet can detect lies?

Peter Cochrane Computing 15 Nov 2016

BlockChain is more than currency and transactions

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 7 Nov 2016

Need to know or need to share: The Dark Side is winning and the industry needs to act

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 18 October 2016

DIY healthcare: The case for tech-enabled personal responsibility

Peter Cochrane Computing 26 Sept 2016

Networked AI in cloud and IoT already exceeds human ability

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 5 September 2016

Cyber Security: Auto-Immunity

Ahmed Almagarmid & Peter Cochrane - The ITP Journal, Vol 10/3, July - September 2016, p32 - 37

Cyber Security: The Need to Share

Ahmed Almagarmid, Peter Cochrane & Mourad Ouzzani - The ITP Journal, Vol 10/3, July - September 2016, p28 - 31

The industry needs auto-immunity for a secure IoT

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 16 Aug 2016

5G - not such a big deal after all?

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 29 July 2016

Financial control or creativity ?

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 12 June 2016

New Zealand reaps fibre benefits as copper-choked UK risks digital exclusion

Peter Cochrane, Computer Weekly, 24 May 2016

Intertwining of Rail and Telco, AmadeusNet

Peter Cochrane, AmadeusNet, 19 April 2016

Becoming paperless is achievable, and I am getting close

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 26 March 2016

The IoT: Is it the real thing ?

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 22 Feb 2016

IT Strategy: Death of the PC

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 22 Feb 2016

IT Strategy: All I Want for Christmas is a ‘Please Fix IT list’

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 08 Dec 2015

IT Strategy: Power shortages coming your way

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 06 Dec 2015

IT Strategy: Securing the insecurable

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 19 Oct 2015

I’ve Read My Last Book

Peter Cochrane, The ITP Journal, Oct 2015, p43

Does wearable tech have a finance future?

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 18 Sept 2015

Testing times for IT means paying for hackers to go on a bug hunt

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 13 Aug 2015

We cannot afford to be limited by failing networks

Peter Cochrane, The Independent Newspaper p.51 24 August 2015

AI requires ethical programming

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 16 June 2015

Ownership theft will eclipse identity threat epidemics,

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 27 April 2015

Networks Without Infrastructure

Peter Cochrane and David Moschella, CSC LEF Forum 1 March 2015

Boardrooms Must Adapt to New Technologies or Risk Monolithic Failure

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 24 Feb 2015

Jobs for The Bots

Jobs for The Bots Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 24 Jan 2015

Telecommunications and Exponential Growth

Peter Cochrane, ITP Journal, V8, pt4 pp18-24, Dec 2014

Computers and the internet surpass inventions of the past

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 26 Nov 2014

Exponential Technology and The Singularity

Peter Cochrane, Ubiquity Symposium The Tech Singularity pp 1 - 9, Nov 2014

Ignoring an increasingly complex world is not an option

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 24 October 2014

Pre-Microphone Acoustic Filters With Gain

Graham Bank and Peter Cochrane, IoA Reproduced Sound Conference, Oct 2014, NEC Birmingham

A Wireless Future of: No Bands, Channels, Controls

Peter Cochrane, ITP Journal, V8, pt3 pp23-30, October 2014

The Cloud Will Amplify Artificial Intelligence

Peter Cochrane, FedCSIS, Sept 2014, Kraków, Poland

The Infinite Security of Clouds (Invited Keynote)

Peter Cochrane, Networks, Sept 2014, Madeira

Automation has made certain professions an endangered species

Peter Cochrane Financial Director 24 Sep 2014

A clear and tangled vision to benefit from the cloud

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 4 August 2014

An Infinity of Clouds

Peter Cochrane, ITP Journal, V8, pt2, pp33-40, July 2014

Dynamic Clouds of People and Things (Invited Keynote)

Peter Cochrane, ICTON 2014 Graz Proceedings, July 2014 (Invited Keynote)

Working From Where, Making Mobility Real

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, Mar 2014

Old Technologies Struggle To Meet New Demands

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, June 2014

The Universe of Things is Coming Supercharged by 3D Printing

Joe Curtis Tech Radar 21 May 2014

Let Patients Look After Their Own Medical Records,Digitally!

Peter Cochrane,Wired Magazine, 20 May 2014

Social Media Marketing Can get Lost in Translation

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, 28 April 2014

Security, Privacy and Freedom - Let’s Tell the Enemy Everything

Peter Cochrane, Huffington Posted, 9 April 2014 13:28

Online supercomputers that learn from mistakes will drive the next hi-tech revolution

Jamie Carter South China Post 4 April 2014

Moving To VOIP Can Be Filled With Glitches

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, Mar 2014

One Future for Radio

Peter Cochrane, RSGB RadCom Mag Jan & Feb 2014

Who Watches the Watchers ?

Peter Cochrane, Wired Innovation Insights, 25 Feb 2014

Predictive selling to become part and parcel of commerce

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, 4 Feb 2014

Investing in Technology Should be at The Heart of The Business

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, Jan 2014

Top Tech Trends That Will Change 2014

Peter Cochrane, Huffington Post, 31 Dec 2013

Cybercrime, Security, and the Risks of the Future

Peter Cochrane, Wired Magazine Innovation Insights, 4 Dec 2013

Bring Your Own Device, Be Your Own Boss

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, 25 Nov 2013

Kids have mastered real-time resource allocation. Have you ?

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 30 Oct 2013

Marketers Have to capture Meta-Data

Peter Cochrane, Marketing Blog, 13 Oct 2013

Marketers Need to Start Capturing Meta Data and Big Data

Will Corey & Peter Cochrane, Marketing Blog 13 Oct 2013

Moving Target

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 27 Sept 2013

Think about the IT minefield when you want M&A

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 20 Sept 2013

Cloud Strife

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director 1 Sept 2013

Drop in Centres Provide a Treasure Trove of Inside Information

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, 23v August 2013

Will Laser Eye Displays Outshine Goggle Glasses ?

Peter Cochrane,, 16 Aug 2013

Driverless cars and the highway to the clouds

Peter Cochrane,, 19 July 2013

Could artificial intelligence be the next step in search engine evolution?

Peter Cochrane The Telegraph/ Wired 22 June 2013

Future smartphones may bend us to their will

Peter Cochrane, 20 June 2013

Windows XP Bites The Dust

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, 19 June 2013

Beyond 3D Printed Guns

Peter Cochrane, European Technology, Tech Republic, May 21, 2013

FTTN Huge Mistake says Ex-BT CIO

Peter Cochrane,, 30 April 2012

Let's Banish Cards and Cash and embrace the Digital Wallet

Peter Cochrane, Wired Magazine, 25 April 2013

IT Interfaces Heading For a Star Trek Future

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director, 23 April 2013

4G Has Merely Kick-Started The Revolution

Peter Cochrane, Daily Telegraph, Monday 22 April 2013

Has Enterprise Resource Planning Had its Day ?

Peter Cochrane, Computing Magazine 18 April 2013

FTTH The Only Solution

Peter Cohrane, Prysmian Group's Magazine about world cable communication March 2013

The Internet Must Remain Borderless

Peter Cochrane, Financial Director Mag, 30 Jan 2013

The Business of Butterfly Wings

Peter Cochrane, The Economist 28 Jan 2012

No BroadBand No Future

Peter Cochrane - TechCityNews 28 Jan 2013

Digital Marketing: The Strange Attractors Take Over

Peter Cochrane, Marketing Magazine Columbia 2013

Paul Squires Interviews Peter Cochrane on Ambient Intelligence

Paul Squires Interviews Peter Cochrane on Ambient Intelligence,, September 2012

Clear Sighted Transparency

Clear Sighted Transparency (Transparent Optical Networks) Invited Keynote: 14th ICTON IEEE Conference, Warwick University July 2012

Soup to Nuts Retailing

Peter Cochrane, Marketing Magazine Columbia 2012

Fail Tale: The collapse of ConceptLabs

COCHRANE P Fail Tale: The collapse of ConceptLabs 25 June 2012

100 years in the Past 100 years in the Future

Peter Cochrane Proc IEEE vol 100, May 13 2012 pp 1278 - 1284

The Rise of Killer Complexity

Peter Cochrane argues that our world is essentially non-linear and becoming more complex. This complexity is visibly pervasive in our workplace, government and everyday living. Furthermore ....

Social media's future? Why the prophets have got it all wrong

Peter Cochrane Social media's future? Why the prophets have got it all wrong - 16th January 2012

More Management Equals Less Output

Peter Cochrane, Innovation excellence -15 December 2011 How can firms manage with so many bosses?

What Entrepreneur Ever Got a Degree in Entrepreneurship?

Peter Cochrane, Innovation excellence - 12 December 2011

The Next Industrial Revolution

Peter Cochrane, Innovation excellence - 3 December 11

Weak wifi? Use a baking tray

Peter Cochrane, The Telegraph - 6th November 2011 ,

Forecasting Beyond iPad and iPhone

Peter Cochrane, Innovation excellence - 26 October 11

IT security: still a tangible issue?

Peter Cochrane OBE - - 5th September 2011

Where is HAL 9000?

By Peter Cochrane FRSA on Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Confounded by Complexity

Peter Cochrane OBE - Digit Magazine, July 2011, p36

Cloudy insider threat confounded

Peter Cochrane, Business Cloud News,16th May 2011.

A Measure of Machine Intelligence

Peter Cochrane, Club of Amsterdam Journal, May 2011 Issue 138

How the Cloud brings improved security

Peter Cochrane, Business Cloud News, 11 Apr 2011. Telecommunications and IT expert Dr Peter Cochrane discusses cloud security for Business Cloud News this week, and explains why the cloud could help …

Why the cloud will become ‘the norm’ within 10 years

Peter Cochrane, Business Cloud News, 27th March 2011

Why the cloud will become ‘the norm’ within 10 years

Peter Cochrane, Business Cloud News, 27th March 2011. Most conferences and debates about the The Cloud seem to position it as some singular or isolated entity, and in the extreme, an act of networked…

From Facetime to family time: the rise of the video-call

Sue Tabbitt, Cisco, 15 Feb 2011. Talk to the leading technology visionaries and it's a case of when rather than if video-calls will overtake audio as the standard means of remote, voice-based communi…

A Measure of Machine Intelligence

Peter Cohrane OBE - The ITP Journal, Vol 5/1, Jan - March 2011, p26 - 32

Artificial intelligence: will we be aware when we've made a breakthrough?

Peter Cochrane, Computing, 8 Jul 2010