My Loyalty Set

1. My family
2. My People
3. My Company
4. My Country
5. My Planet


When you employ people they are in your gift, and in the same way as your children, they look to you for support, guidance, direction, encouragement and reward. In my view the single most important thing we do is to bear and rear our children, to create a family. The second is to employ people, create companies and contribute to the progress of or species and society.


We should make decisions as if I we are going to live forever, with an eye to our children's children and their futures, not our very limited span in our one lifetime.

 Best Experiences

  • Being there when my children were born
  • Working for and nurturing my family
  • Watching my wife and children succeed
  • Understanding things for the first time
  • Flying a modern fighter aircraft
  • Teaching class when the students suddenly 'get it'
  • Seeing my inventions and products being used for real
  • Doing things no one did before
  • Discovering things that no one understands
  • Working with enthusiastic and talented people
  • Helping young people and young companies succeed

Worst Experiences 

  • Watching a loved one die 
  • Car accidents
  • Watching the human race slaughter each other
  • Seeing people starve or suffer
  • Working among people who have lost all hope or do not care